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Street Trees

Several residents have expressed concern recently about street trees in our area.  We raised these concerns with our ward councillors and following their representations we have received information from the council.

Gunnersbury Park Consultation

We have received information about a consultation and exhibition at Gunnersbury Park.  The project team led by Ealing and Hounslow councils is seeking people's views, worries and hopes for the park and buildings.  Members of one of the expert teams working on the project, from the consultants Purcell, will be in the cafe in Gunnersbury Park between 14:00 and 19:00pm on Thursday 1 August, to talk about the project.  There will also be a small exhibition in the cafe about the history of the park, from 2 pm on 1 August until 16 August.

Pitzhanger Manor Plans

Following an initial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, draft plans for the restoration of Pitzhanger Manor are going on show from 21 June to 21 July 2013.  Residents are invited to visit the exhibition and give feedback on the proposals.  Further information is available on Ealing Council's website.

Pavement Replacement along Northfield Avenue

Work to re-lay the pavement on the east side of Northfield Avenue from Devonshire Road to Bramley Road starts on Monday 17 June and is expected to take around 7 weeks.  This letter from the council gives more detail, including a contact if you have concerns.

Heathrow Night-Time Noise Consultation : EFRA's response

Earlier in 2013, the Department for Transport consulted on the night-time noise regime for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports.

Click here to see EFRA's response to this consultation, arguing for a total ban on night flights.  See also an earlier article on our website, Heathrow Updates.

London Fire Brigade consultation

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is consulting on a revised London Safety Plan. The consultation runs from 4 March until 17 June 2013.  The draft covers a wide range of policies and measures intended to improve the safety of Londoners.