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Aviation Noise Consultation

The Airports Commission* - also referred to as the Davies Commission after Sir Howard Davies who leads it - has published Aviation Noise, the fifth in a series of discussion papers, for public comment.  The paper explores current scientific understanding and existing policy on aviation and noise.  It discusses the impacts of aviation noise on health, the issue of annoyance and how this develops over time.  It considers different methodologies for measuring noise and approaches to mitigation.  And it looks at specific issues, including night noise.

Julien Road - Rear of 287 Northfield Avenue

In July 2013 EFRA responded to an application to develop the residential parts of the recently closed newsagent on the corner of Julien Road and Northfield Avenue.  We objected on the grounds that the plans represent a significant over-development of the site. Click on the link below to see the details.

Julien Road - EFRA objection to planning application July 2013

Pavement Puddles along Northfield Avenue

We are very pleased about the repaving between Northfields Station and Devonshire Road and in particular the removal of the puddle next to Sainsbury’s and at the top of the Derwent Yard Steps.  We are hoping it will now be possible to solve the problem of puddles on the stretch of pavement around the southbound Julien Road bus stop.  We have discussed it with our local councillors and put together a document (now on our website) showing where the puddles gather.

Minutes of AGM 2013

EFRA held its annual general meeting on 22 May and the minutes are now available to view on the website.  There was a presentation by Inspector Susan Hayward who gave a full account of the changes to the borough's policing organisation and the plans for restructuring.  This was followed by reports from EFRA committee members about transport and planning issues affecting the area during the year and an open forum where members raised matters of local concern.

EFRA AGM minutes 2013

Assyrian Centre in South Ealing Road

In early June 2013, EFRA responded to a planning application to expand the Assyrian Centre in South Ealing Road, just outside EFRA's area.  We do not usually comment on matters beyond our borders but it is a local landmark and  the scale of the proposal has implications for the amenity of our members and their neighbours.  We objected to the application on a number of grounds including the failure of the proposed development to respect externally visible frontages of this heritage building, possible excessive noise, and parking and traffic pressures.

Cranmer Avenue Snooker Hall

There have been several recent applications in recent years for planning permission to develop the former snooker hall in Cranmer Avenue.  In May 2013, EFRA objected to the most recent application on the grounds of the layout, design and fit with the local surroundings, and the proposed non-residential use for the ground floor.  We had hoped the developer would follow the example of Windings Place, next door, and the Nodis Works in Julien Road and set the development back behind the established residential building line.