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Heathrow Supplement May 2017 - Aviation issues in west London: have your say


Last October, the Government gave the green light to a Third Runway (R3) at Heathrow arguing that an additional runway is required to improve connectivity to destinations worldwide.

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March eNewsletter 2018

Important Heathrow Consultations – responses needed by 28 March

Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) has launched two consultations. One concerns the precise location and length of the proposed Runway 3 and the other covers potential flight paths over West London going forward  (whether R3 is built or not). EFRA opposes the construction of R3 and will continue to lobby against the expansion of Heathrow.

Aviation issues – Consultation Responses

Aviation issues – Consultation Responses

Ealing Fields High School - Feedback from EFRA on Public Meeting on 28th March

See below the feed back from the EFRA  sub committee to Kate Bellerby - 

Dear Kate

2018 AGM Minutes from the 23th May


AGM Minutes 23 May at the LOG CABIN

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