Advice on Crime Prevention & Anti-Social Behaviour fromThe Safer Communities Team

The Ealing Safer Communities Team want you to feel safe in your homes, neighbourhoods and town centres across the Borough of Ealing. This booklet( see link below) has been designed to provide you with guidance on how to keep yourself and your belongings safe thus reducing the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime or anti-social behavior. It covers a range of topics such as personal safety, domestic abuse, burglary and unsavoury behaviour. Incidents are more likely to happen when criminals spot an opportunity to target you or your belongings. By being vigilant of your surroundings, you could prevent the distress, effects and costs of crime. Within this guide, you will find simple tips which can help make a difference in reducing the chances of becoming a victim.

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Safer Ealing Partnership booklet include

Safer Communities Team
Safer Neighbourhood Teams
Street Services
Licensing Teams
Noise & Nuisance Team London Fire Brigade
Community & Voluntary Organisations
Neighbourhood Watch Residents Associations
Victim Support, Ealing Mediation Services, St Mungos
Personal & Community Safety
Home Security
Bogus callers
Motor Vehicle Crime
Safety when travelling
Personal Safety
Abuse & Harassment
Domestic Abuse
Hate Crime
Drugs & Alcohol
Fly tipping
24/7 App
Counter terrorism & PREVENT Team
Action fraud
Gating Schemes
Child Sexual Exploitation Adult Safeguarding
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
To whom do I report incidents?
Useful Contacts & Local Policing Team Details
Detachable directory to tear off and keep

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