Parking Permits

During 2015 Ealing Council has been introducing an internet-only system for parking permits and visitor parking. The system is experiencing significant teething problems. For example, you are not sent a receipt when you pay for your parking permit by credit/debit card and you no longer receive a paper version of your annual permit. You therefore do not have proof of payment. We have gathered together some basic information which may help you if you have problems.

The council has been sending letters asking you to register an email address which will be used to send reminders when your permit renewal is due. This is helpful because without a paper permit on your windscreen it is easy to forget the renewal date and end up with a parking ticket. If you have not received one of these letters you can email the council and ask it to register your email address: in the subject line state: Permit Renewal Reminder – please add my email address and in the body of the email write your full name, address and vehicle registration number and send it to

To renew a permit, you need the existing permit number, the related PIN and the vehicle registration number. The PIN changes with each year's permit so if the combination you have does not work, click on the 'Request' button to send it to your registered email address.

You can check the current expiry date of a permit on the council's website. Be aware that if you have recently renewed it, the new permit will not be visible until the old one has expired.

To buy visitor vouchers you will need either your council tax number or the permit number, PIN and vehicle registration details. The council is phasing out vouchers in favour of the park by phone service.  Full details are here on the council's website.

Update - 

Information regarding Parking Permits

Receipts when purchasing permits –
Email receipt confirmation containing details of successful payment and permit number will be available from 20th November 2015.

Residents not getting reminders and the reminders going into their junk folders should save our email address ( in there email address book, it should prevent it happening in the future.